This small apartment, with a magnificent view on the thirties’ Central Station, has been totally redesigned in plan for the clients: a young couple who loves socialite life.

We designed an ample and bright living to welcome their friends, next to a small, essential, kitchen with two places for quick meals.

In the living there is a wall covered with clear Travertino stone, cut and set in different thickness and in  the niches in front of it, on the other side of the living, we designed a paneling  made in dark Eucalyptus “thermo” treated wood, containing led back lit shelfs and a small hidden bar.

We used every tiny little space, designing big wardrobes and a storage room hidden behind doors, that look like panels decorated with brass and german silver sheets, with colored glass and bronzed mirrors; in this way it has been possible to join space and décor demand.

In the master bathroom there is an hardwood floor, a free standing bathtub, and furniture designed with lacquered wood tiles and a Corian top with two integrated basins; in the small guest bathroom there is a clear concrete resin on floor and walls and furniture finished with “thermo-treated” Zebrano wood.

Collaborators: Laura Bolzoni

Prima / Dopo