8&A architetti is an architecture and design studio,  based in Milan, specialized in tailor made project for their clients: houses, exhibitions sites, stores, offices, eateries.

Our work concerns property renovation, sustainability, interior design, décor, custom design furniture and lighting and art buying.

Excellent design, its accurate realization, executed by artisans selected for their competence, accuracy, and reliability, constant seek for materials and technologies are the core of our activity, aimed at value client’s ideas, taking them beyond their expectations.

We take care of everything: from bureaucratic authorizations to building works supervision, from structural project to green design, from energy saving technologies to furniture selection with our twenty year experience and our enthusiasm.

The lasting relationships and collaborations with artists, musicians, and  creatives, and our constant deep curiosity takes us to a constant research about materials, means and support , in order to characterize the project beyond the pure architectural result. In every new realization, homes stores showrooms or art gallery, extreme attention is paid to details, so most of the furniture, finishing and illumination  is carefully studied, designed and custom made for to create new emotions.