8&A are Anna Barile and Antonio Ottoboni.

We were born in 1966 and 1967. We first met at the University of Architecture of Milan, attending the famous “transversal” lectures of Corrado Levi, architect, artist, collectionist, talent scout, and most of all great teacher, from which we learned alternative ways to get the quality in the project.

Breaking all our academic confidence, Levi involved us in parallel worlds were creativity takes life from contamination between disciplines, cultures, ages , and personal experiences.

Therefore Mollino, Albini, Haring, Warhol, Gilbert and George, Duschamp, Escher, Otto Dix, Schifano, Santachiara, Pusole, and young artistic avant-garde from Turin, piercing, tatoo, photography and American avant-garde, Sarah Moon, Nan Goldin, but also Mendini, Sottsass e Munari. Together with Corrado Levi and other young architects, in the summer of 1991 we founded the group “ C’è tutto novembre per pensarci” accomplishing art and architectural projects.

Between 1991 and 1992 Anna Barile goes to Los Angeles to meet Frank Gerhy and to realize a photographic reportage of his works in California.

In 1992 Antonio Ottoboni is the winner of the Young Mediterranean Artist Biennal prize, design section, with the project “MONDANA bath” and later starts a collaboration with Albatros designing AKIRA and MARGARITA.

In 1994 Anna Barile works with Harley Davidson and Triumph on the development of a project for the stores . During all these years we have always done photography for passion, obsession, work, exhibitions, competitions, fashion and magazines.

Since 1996, these contaminations and theoretical shiftings give life architecture projects and suggestive visions. The lasting relationships and collaborations with artists, musicians, and creatives, and our constant deep curiosity takes us to a constant research about materials, means and support , in order to characterize the project beyond the pure architectural result.

In every new realization, homes stores showrooms or art gallery, extreme attention is paid to details, so most of the furniture, finishing and illumination is carefully studied, designed and custom made for to create new emotions.