Montebellotrenta is a venue for special events located at ground floor in a beautiful building, built over one century ago, nearby fashion district in the center of the city.

The project joined together two apartments and their private garden.

Formerly existing inner walls were demolished to obtain a wide space, characterized by the thorough restoration of the original big windows facing the garden, and by the newly made  white and dark grey marble (satin brushed finished), that give an elegant and classic look.

False ceiling contain the technological core : air conditioning linear diffusers,loudspeakers, adjustable intensity led light to have  a diffused illumination  and recessed spotlight to focus .

A preciously carved sheet glass, with a woman figure, by Fontana Arte, from 1940, has been inset in a wall and backlit to exalt its low relief drawing.

The stair, designed with classic lines , take to a small room, characterized by a traditional red bricks vaulted ceiling and by the vintage look floor, product by Mutina.

New bathrooms were finished with tiles resembling old white and grey patterns from 1910.

Montebellotrenta has been inaugurate on November 2015 with a photographic art exibithion by master photographer Giampaolo Barbieri , introducing his last book Skin.

foto Stefano Campo Antico

Collaboratori: Chiara Moretti e Silvia Soffientini

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